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A Forward Step for
Follower in Tango Molinette

In Argentine Tango, a Molinete is a circular grapevine. In this lesson about Argentine tango we highlight some important tips for follower and discuss a technique where the leader turns over the lead to follower during the molinete .

I’ll also give you a chance to check your understanding of the key concepts with a Progress Check at the end of the lesson. My vision is that this lesson will help you enjoy tango dancing even more!

My source for this content is the instructional tango Video (ID v103) by Daniel Trenner and Rebecca Shulman which is available for purchase.  

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When doing a circular grapevine step around the leader (molinete), the follower often starts by stepping back around in a circle to her left. In the video out-takes below, the couple is using a practice hold. 

Molinette step one

1. Starting a Mollinete Stepping Back with LEFT

After stepping back (and around the circle to the left, she steps side with her right:

Molinette stepping side right

2. To the Side with Right Foot

​Next, in the 3rd move of the Molinette, the follower steps forward around the circle with her left foot. 

3. Forward Left

Then continuing around the circle, the follower again steps side (opening with her right foot.)  as shown below:

Tango Molinette, Step Number 4

4. Side Right...

Remember, the follower steps: 1. Back 2. Side 3. Forward 4. Side. Generally the follower tries to bring her feet together before stepping, but when doing a molinette sometimes she may not have time to do so. In that case, she brings her feet close together without touching or brushing them together.

Instructional Video.  Below is a short video that reviews these key points and a few others as well. The video is taken from a rare (five star) beginning/intermediate Argentine tango VHS tape (remastered to digital format). The ID for the video is V102 by Daniel Trenner. It is nearly 90 minutes long. It’s a useful instructional tango video for beginning to intermediate tango dancers. It can help provide a strong foundation that you won't get in many tango dance lessons.
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Suggestion: Watch the video then take the Progress Check below.​

Tango Progress Check

1. True or False? The follower should always bring her feet together when doing a molinete? 2. True or False? The follower should strive to make all steps the same size.

– – – –


1. False, sometimes she doesn’t have time.
2. True.

This is just a brief excerpt from an in depth tutorial video on Argentine tango. You can order the complete instructional tango Video by Daniel Trenner and Rebecca Shulman which is available for purchase.  Contact us and ask for video V103

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